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"I can guarantee it will be the easiest fundraiser you've ever run!" - Tracey

Why our fundraising is a great idea !

Fundraising – Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something!

Many years ago I was asked to help fundraise. There was no turning back. I fell into fundraising, or kind of walked into it like walking into a big closed door, (only with a big blindfold on as well). At the time I had no idea that it wasn’t going to be a one off. Over a decade later, Im still an active member of our schools fundraising team. Some days I ask myself why do I keep putting my hand up? But the answer is simple, because I can and although exhausting, its also hugely rewarding.

I quickly learnt that the holy grail of fundraising is simplicity, with a tiny amount of manpower thrown in (the less the better). Because we are all also working, running the kids around, grocery shopping and every other chore that falls in our lap.

So, with that in mind, Ive taken all this experience and rolled it together to create an easy and effective fundraising campaign for your group or school. It can be set up and run by a single person and even then, will only take an hour or two of your time over the entire campaign. Have you ever run anything so easy?! And it’s not just restricted to your group or school community, in fact we encourage you to share it far and wide and all the funds will come back to your campaign!

And in keeping it easy, to get started you only need to email me now and I’m more than happy to give you some more information or even help to get you started! Even if you’re thinking it sounds like a great idea, but aren’t quite ready, flick me an email now to find out what we have coming up.


How do we sign up for fundraising?

Simply send us a fundraising enquiry from our contact page.

How much help do we need to run a fundraiser?

Hardly any! After spending years on a fundraising committee myself, I was completely aware of the need to be able to run a fundraiser with as little outlay and manpower required as possible. So we pride ourselves on creating the easiest fundraiser you’ve ever organised. All you need is someone to sign up your school or group to their own campaign, hand out your flyers and with a few social media or website updates that we provide and you’re all done! Then you just need to sit back, relax and wait for your funds to arrive.

How does it work?

Pretty simple really…

  1. Sign up
  2. Shout it out loud to everyone you know (we will help you with effortless ways to do this and lots of digital material)
  3. Sit back and watch the fundraising money come in!

Fundraising Commission rate

15% commission

How long does a campaign run for?

We suggest running your campaign for 3 weeks. The first week gets everyone warmed up and excited, the second week people start sharing it with friends and family to make purchases and the third week is for the stragglers. Any longer than this & people get bored.

Marketing Material

We’ll provide you with a massive range of digital marketing collateral, ready for you to print or share online.

Social Media

We love social media and have a list of ways to support you when it comes to making the most out of your campaign.

Delivery and distribution

We suggest handing out your orders in one single delivery at the end of the campaign to your group or organisation. This allows a single shipping charge to cover the entire order and lets you offer your individual customers free shipping, giving them even more reason to support your campaign. For those where this is not possible, they can opt to receive delivery direct to them and we’ll offer our standard delivery fees.

General Questions

Can we get order forms and catalogues to hand out?

Due to the fact we love to update our designs as often as possible and the vast selection of design combinations available, we are unable to offer an order form or catalogue. As our products are designed to be personalised, we find each customer will select what they prefer best by using our website to place their order.

How do Ruby Bay Design Co. support our campaign?

At Ruby Bay Design Co., we love digital marketing, so whenever possible, we will aim to reinforce our own digital marketing promotions in your area during the period of your own campaign.

Is there a minimum amount we need to earn?

Great question. Your organisation needs to earn a minimum of $50 commission before we can pay your groups nominated bank account. But don’t worry, this is easily achievable. If you achieve under this, we will instead pay you in the form of a gift voucher for the total raised. (Hot tip: These gift vouchers make awesome raffle prizes!)

Our customer forgot to use our fundraising code.

Unfortunately, once an order has been placed we cannot change it, this includes adding in any codes to apply to fundraising campaigns. Please ensure you remind everyone to use your code.

How do we sign up?

Simply send us a fundraising enquiry from our contact page.

Looking for more free fundraising resources?

If you’re looking for more information about fundraising and volunteering in general, why not check out The Volunteer Mum website. It is jam packed with free templates and loads of information to make your volunteer and fundraising life easier.

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