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A love for all things creative

Hi there, my name is Tracey and I am the founder and creative director of Ruby Bay Design Co. Personally, I love to put the emphasis on the word ‘creative’. Mainly because it makes my job sound incredibly fun and exciting.

Where did it all start?

With a background spanning over 20 years in both business management and retail management and also a few design courses completed along the way, I decided to stop dreaming about “my labels” and start creating them!

But who on earth would want to create personalised name labels? Well if you’ve ever seen two kids arguing over who owns a drink bottle at school or daycare, you’ll know why. My kids are also a little headstrong, especially when it comes to the things they do and don’t like. Which meant old fashioned permanent marker just wasn’t going to cut it. Consequently, all of that, combined with my absolute love of designing things, kicked it all off. And Ruby Bay Design Co, personalised name labels were born. With an ever expanding range of custom name labels for kids and adults alike.

Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something

Like so many other parents, spending a huge amount of hours volunteering on School Boards, Councils and Fundraising Committees it gets pretty tiring at times. There had to be an easier way. In fact, we even have a sister website dedicated to volunteering called The Volunteer Mum. Offering Ruby Bay Design Co personalised labels as a fundraiser, without having put in all those volunteer hours was also a no-brainer. Ive used my own experiences to make our fundraiser as simple as possible.

Visit our fundraising page to get involved (I can guarantee you, it will be the easiest fundraiser you’ve ever run!)

Ruby Bay Design Co - Personalised Name Labels - Tea Party Navy Floral

So now you know a little about me. It’s time you go ahead and see a lot of my labels! We have new designs being added all the time. So choose a design you love, add your name and order away!


I love to hear your feedback, so you can email me here.

I’m ready to start creating my labels

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